Custom Fitting

The RedTail Fitting Process

Experience The Difference of True Custom Fitting!

Come visit our Legendary Clubfitting and Golf Club Demonstration Center to experience the difference of true custom fitting. Our staff of RYG™ Certified Fitting Pros, utilizing our proprietary software, will evaluate your complete game and determine the golf equipment that is best for you. All of our clubfittings are performed with actual ball flight from tee-to-green (not into a net) using state-of-the-art custom fitting and golf swing analysis technology.

Whether you just started playing or you are ready for the professional tour, allow our staff to show you the benefits of truly custom fit golf equipment. We guarantee you will be amazed at how we can lower your scores and enhance your enjoyment of the game!

Learn more about RedTail's comprehensive fitting process by clicking on the links below. Better yet, stop by RedTail and let one of our RYG™ Professionals show you, first hand, our world class Custom Fitting Program. We will Raise Your Game™.

The RedTail Golf Fitting Process

Step #1
Player Profile
Step #2
Step #3
Static Fitting
Step #4
Dynamic Fitting
Step #5
Set Comp / Gap Analysis
Step #6
Custom Fitting Wrap-up
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