Fit for life guarentee RYG Certified

RedTail’s Fit-For-Life Guarantee

After you have been fit by one of our RYG™ Certified Fitting Professionals, you will receive the complete support and confidence of the RedTail Fit-For-Life Guarantee. Under this guarantee, you can bring your custom fit clubs to RedTail after your initial purchase and go through a new custom fitting at no charge. If through the new fitting it is determined that your clubs need to be adjusted, we will perform this service for FREE*.

RedTail’s Fit-For-Life Guarantee continues as long as you own your clubs.**

*Adjustments to previously purchased clubs will be performed on-site at RedTail. Certain adjustments may void the manufacturer's warranty and the customer has the option to send the clubs back to the manufacturer to be adjusted for a charge.

**All fittings performed at RedTail are maintained on file at our facility. Significant changes to your golf swing or physical characteristics (i.e. juniors) will limit the guarantee and under certain circumstances may void the guarantee entirely. RedTail is committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction. Thus, we will work with you under any circumstances to make sure you are satisfied with your clubs and our services.