Wes Gribas

Assistant GM
RYG™ Master Fitting Professional
RYG™ Certified Teaching Professional
Trackman™ Master

While growing up in Schererville, Indiana I developed a passion and joy for the game of golf at a very early age. I carried this commitment to American University in Washington, DC where I was Captain of the AU Golf Team for three of my four collegiate playing years. While attending American I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems.

I have been teaching golf and custom fitting golf equipment for more than a decade. I have taught and/or custom fit well over 3,000 individual clients/students during my career. My teaching philosophy is simple yet highly effective as I focus on creating an efficient golf swing for my students. Impact, path of the club and the position of the clubface as it hits the ball are the three main factors that influence ball flight. Once I have created an efficient and easily repeatable golf swing for my students, I focus primarily on teaching them how to play the game on the golf course. I also place great emphasis on having properly fit equipment. I witness firsthand, on a daily basis, far too many golfers who inhibit their ability to improve and enjoy the game because they have equipment that is completely wrong for their swing and ability level. While equipment alone will not make you a great golfer, it does have a tremendous impact on your game.

Allow me the opportunity to show you the benefits of truly custom fit golf equipment and our golf instructional programs here at RedTail Golf Center, and I guarantee you will be amazed at what we can do to improve your swing and enhance your enjoyment of the game!

When I am not focusing on improving my student's / client's golf game I enjoy spending time with my Beautiful wife Molly. We have a fun adventure where we are attempting to visit and play all of the Top 100 Golf Courses in America. We will probably never accomplish the entire list, but it is fun to try. Ask me about how many we have played the next time you are in RedTail. I would love to compare notes and see which courses you might have played. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and I hope to see you soon!