Joel Parkvold

Joel Parkvold

RYG™ Certified Fitting Professional

I was born just north of the border in Alberta, Canada, but at an early age my family moved to Boise, Idaho where my love and passion for this amazing game began. My father took me to my first professional tournament in Boise when I was 12 years old, and I have been addicted to golf ever since. From the moment I stepped onto the golf course at that special event, I was mesmerized by the energy and excitement of the crowds as well as the unbelievable talent and abilities of the players. In combination with my pure love for the game of golf, I have always been fascinated with technology and equipment. It has always intrigued me how different golf clubs impact each individual player’s game. The variety, complexity and sophistication related to today’s golf clubs is truly remarkable, and I find it tremendously fun and exciting to see how much better a golfer can play, simply by using the right equipment.

I am continually striving to improve myself and enhance my knowledge and education both related to golf as well as business in general. To that end, while working as one of the certified club fitters and managers here at RedTail, I am also I pursuing my degree in Business Management at Portland State University. I want to become not only the best club fitter I can be, but I am also highly motivated to enhance my business acumen and fully understand the entire industry of golf as a whole.

I hope you will allow me the opportunity to show you the enormous benefits of properly fit golf equipment. In my experience, most golfers are unaware of the improvement and advantages that true custom fitting can provide. I guarantee that I can significantly lower your scores and minimize your mistakes through a comprehensive custom fitting experience here at RedTail. Furthermore, I will increase your confidence, allow you to fully trust your equipment and enhance your enjoyment of the game. Once again, I hope you will come visit me soon!

When I am not fitting golf clubs, or studying for a business exam, I love playing basketball, hanging out with friends and surfing at the Oregon coast. I also try to play as much golf as possible throughout the Great Northwest!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, and I hope to see you soon!